What You Ought to State When A Sponsor Asks You To Tell Them About Yourself


Understanding exactly what you should say when a sponsor asks you to inform them about yourself can be tough.


Much like baseball

I'm writing this on Monday after watching the baseball game and we (SF) simply got our butt kicked by Washington.Not the glorious sweep we were expecting.Washington concerned our house and we were like, "Yeah, what up, what you got for us, child?!"."4 go to whoop you hard!" they replied.We had the concern. They had the response.They were prepared.THIS WILL GIVE YOU THE RIGHT ANSWER.


Exactly what about you?

If a sponsor wishes to talk with you ... are YOU prepared?What will YOUR answer be when after all your effort towards getting sponsored, a company representative comes up to you and states, "Hey, we've been viewing you and we think you might be a good fit for our brand. Tell me about yourself."Ah yes, the feared..."TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF". Check out this brazilian jiu jitsu maryland for further details about Martial Arts .

So, exactly what are you going to say?

If you're like most individuals you'll be caught entirely off guard and will fumble your way through it. Ending up stating something irrelevant, uninteresting, or worse yet, some nonsensical shit."I like turtles."Impressions can make or break you so you MUST be on point when you are asked to talk about yourself.


How do you do that?

With a pre-prepared elevator speech!Introducing yourself to a sponsor with a great elevator speech will have them thinking, "Yup, this IS the fighter we wish to deal with!"LET'S GET YOU PREPARED WITH AN ELEVATOR SPEECH.

The elevator speech is brief, sweet, and has a pinch of "Yeah, I'm outstanding". Just enough to tease them into wishing to hear more.It's called the "elevator speech" because if you were in an elevator and asked to discuss yourself, you would have about 20 - 60 seconds to talk. It much better be great.

Here are some pointers:

* Use attention getting hold of words/phrases.Are you able to state you're the biggest, the most exciting, the very first, the initial, or anything along those lines? If you can, use it. You do not wish to blow yourself out of proportion however you DEFINITELY WANT TO TALK YOURSELF UP.You should show self-confidence. If you're not sure whether you're crossing the line and being too arrogant, then cross that line.If you're an individual, swing your testicles like a thundergod. If you're a woman, unleash your inner Xena warrior-princess. Let them hear you roar.You desire a balance however it's infinitely much better to err on the side of being too energetic instead of too meek.

* Talk about your unique points.Show exactly what makes you various from other fighters.

* Make it pertinent to the interests of the sponsor.Make it an indicate relate who you are and exactly what you offer, to the desires of the person/company you're talking with, and be specific.For example, say their company offers energy drinks marketed towards "severe" types. Instead of saying you "want to drink energy drinks and have done some severe sports" it would better to say something like "I have 2 battle of the night awards, and a without a doubt amazing combating design that adrenaline junkies relate to.".

* Sell the relationship you provide with their target market.Lots of fighters sell themselves short by offering themselves as a commodity. Significance, they concentrate on offering logo design placement, ad space, etc. While those are all parts of a sponsorship, that's not exactly what you ought to focus on.All those things can be purchased from any fighter, and maybe for more affordable than exactly what you're asking. There's a good chance other fighters will even offer it totally free.

So you need to sell something that can't be purchased with another fighter. The important things that can't be bought anywhere else is your relationship with your fans, and more significantly, the sponsor's target audience.For example, discover how in the last bullet point I stated "an undeniably interesting fighting style that adrenaline addicts associate with".Concentrate on the relationships.


Congrats! You now have all the info you have to develop an elevator speech and wow sponsors.Go forth thundergods, and warrior-princesses, and get those sponsorships you've been dreaming of.